Daniela Silvestrin is an independent researcher, curator and cultural manager with a background in law, history of art and curatorial studies. In her research she explores hybrid artistic practices at the intersection of art, law and science that explore new ways of relating to vibrant materialities. Driven by the emergence of critical political and ethical concerns in an era where techno-science increasingly impacts all life and blurs known distinctions between the human and non-human, life and matter, her work critically reflects on the implications of new technologies, analyzed and discussed through the lens of artistic reflection and knowledge production.
After working for four editions of the transmediale festival as project manager, she is now working with both the new initiative and collective STATE Experience Science in Berlin as art & science curator and with the Disruption Network Lab as curator and manager since both their inceptions in 2014. Together with the artists Mario de Vega and Víctor Mazón Gardoqui, she is co-editor of the recently published book LIMEN. Ecologies of Transmission (Berlin / Mexico City, 2016).
Her research has been awarded with the Working and Research Grant for Visual Art 2015 by the Berlin Senate Chancellery for Cultural Affairs, Germany.